WildcardRevo is a showcase and networking platform for young emerging artists. Creative Producer, 2ni Artist, noticed there were very few opportunities for artists to headline shows or to have their own input into how the show went.  So we decided to put our own shows together, all the way back in December 2015 at a place called Chicken Town, in Tottenham Green, and its been running ever since.


After 25 shows and 77 artists our monthly events have built momentum, with audiences, gradually increasing from 10, 20 to now a solid 50 to 60 people regularly supporting our intimate events.


It’s the artists’ passion, commitment and expertise that makes every show special and unique. The Headliner is empowered to realise their own ideas.  They are the Artistic Director, they choose their own acts, and we co-produce and co-promote the evening together


Just like any project, there are ups and downs, but every artist genuinely gets something positive from being part of WildcardRevo